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Let’s Chat! #8

Lim Yuet Kim,

(Co-Founder) and Logeetha Balakrishnan (Marketing Executive) of The Picha Project. July 2018

The Let’s Chat! session with Kim and Logeetha was an inspirational one. Despite being an early stage social enterprise, they have raised more than RM1.5 million for the 20 refugee families working with them (these families supply a range of traditional cuisine for their food and catering business). In fact, The Picha Project recently won more than USD 50,000 at the prestigious Chivas Venture 2018 to fund their start-up. Kim and Logeetha shared their personal motivations, captivated the audience with their storytelling and demonstrated how passionate and driven young graduates can be business savvy and socially responsible at the same time. It was our privilege to have them engage with our students.

Lim Yuet Kim, aka Kim, explaining about the social goals The Picha Project addresses.

Kim’s passion and vivid stories captivated the audience.

Logeetha’s turn to share – how she found The Picha Project and why she hopped on board.

Kim and Logeetha swamped by students after the session.

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