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Let’s Chat! #14

Mr. Marcos Chow,

Partner, IT Advisory at KPMG, Hong Kong. April 2019

Mr Chow began his talk by touching on Quantum Computing, currently deployed by IBM, Microsoft and Google. Recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence have allowed computers to see, read, listen and speak, performing a host of basic human roles.

Pertinent examples include the use of e-wallets in China, smart robots performing room delivery services at hotels, and visual recognition for withdrawing money from ATM machines.

With low function jobs being replaced by machines, future jobs will require workers to function at a higher level. Nevertheless, Mr Chow cautioned, digital transformation ought to be based on the kinds of user experiences businesses create. This was illustrated in the size of WeChat; it is big in China precisely because of the user experience it creates.

With companies like Google building and cultivating brands worth $300 billion, Mr Chow advised students to cultivate a personal brand, and conducted a simple activity for students to understand what a personal brand is.

The talk was engaging, illustrative, and incredibly effective, filled up priceless insight for inspiring the next generation of business leaders.

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