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Let’s Chat! #10

Mr Philip Victor,

Cybersecurity Landscape & Social Networks


The Let’s chat series #10  raised  awareness of  the cyber world and educated the audience on the risk factors of the online world. The talk, which was mainly attended by the Foundation of Business students from various intakes, exposed the audience to several cybersecurity issues specifically in Facebook and Instagram. The main objective of this talk was to create awareness among youngsters on issues such as privacy in the cyber world. Students were also informed that it is important not to exchange personal photos of themselves with strangers and cautioned that meeting strangers whom they met online is highly not recommended. The talk also included several videos captured by undercover journalists pretending to be victims exposing the real sexual predators out there. Philip also highlighted the importance of backing up information and how to create passwords which will not be easily hacked. The talk was beneficial for students and staff which elevated the awareness on issues related to cybersecurity.


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