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About Faculty

The Faculty of Business and Management has significantly evolved since its inception in 2011. As the largest faculty in QIU, we offer students from around the world a diverse array of programmes that range from Accountancy to Culinary Arts.

We are made up of two schools – the School of Business and Management and the School of Hospitality.

In our efforts to continuously meet the needs of today’s tertiary learning environment, we have created an array of different educational platforms. We work hand-in-hand with our industrial partners, providing opportunities for our students to practise their skills in real business settings.

On this page, you can read about some of our initiatives that promote experiential learning and industry engagement, including the ‘Let’s Chat’ and ‘Meet the Expert’ series among others.

We strive to equip them with managerial, entrepreneurial, leadership, teamwork, information management and problem-solving skills. Experiential learning facilitates our aim, resulting in graduates who are able to think laterally and stand out in the ever-changing business environment.

We invite you to join us. Let us help you realise your potential.

Prof. Dr. Loke Siew-Phaik



The School of Business and Management currently offers the following programmes:

The School of Hospitality currently offers the following programmes:


Professor Dr. Loke Siew-Phaik

Professor & Dean

E-mail: siewphaik.loke@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Management (Strategic Management)
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Dr. Jeffrey Yee Khong Loong

Senior Lecturer & Deputy Dean

E-mail: jeffrey.yee@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Leadership, management, sales management, organisational
behaviour and qualitative research methods
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Dr. Sofiah Kadar Khan

Associate Professor

E-mail: sofiah.kadarkhan@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Management
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Tanaraj a/l Krishna

Senior Lecturer & Head of Programme for Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons)

E-mail: tanaraj.krishna@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Accounting
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Loo Siat Ching, Stephanie

Senior Lecturer & Head of Programme for Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)

E-mail: siatching.loo@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Marketing management, brand management, marketing communications, digital marketing, tourism management.
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Siti Arija Wardati bt. Mohd Rusli

Senior Lecturer & Program Coordinator of Diploma in Hotel Management

E-mail: sitiarija.wardati@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Food & Beverage Service & Operation, Sales & Marketing, Front Office Management, Housekeeping Management, Event Management & Introduction to Hospitality Management
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Mohd Syarin Aman b. Ahmat Fuat

Senior Lecturer & Program Coordinator of Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in Hospitality & Tourism Management

E-mail: mohd.syarinaman@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Tourism management, Tourism planning, Hospitality management, Customer service management
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Dr. Paulin Wong Poh Lin


E-mail: paulin.wongpohlin@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Sense of Place, Destination Host Community, Tourism Development, Marine Park, Interpretive Paradigm / Qualitative Approach (Methods)
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Malathi A/P Kanapathy

Senior Lecturer & Head of Programme for Diploma in Business Management

E-mail: malathi.kanapathy@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Business Mathematics, Business Statistics
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Dr. Rohati bt. Shafie

Senior Lecturer

E-mail: rohati.shafie@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Corporate Management
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See Tho Wai Keng


E-mail: waikeng.seetho@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation:
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Dr. Hafizah bt. Mat Nawi

Senior Lecturer & Programme Coordinator for Master of Business Administration (MBA) , Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) & Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Administration

E-mail: hafizah.matnawi@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Accounting and Finance
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Noor Asneeda bt. Ishak

Senior Lecturer

E-mail: noor.asneeda@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Food service management, Food Safety and Hygiene, Food Nutrition, Food and beverage Cost Control, Culinary Management and Restaurant Management
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Asma Amirah bt. Ahmad

Lecturer & Programme Coordinator for Bachelor in Culinary Arts (Hons), Diploma in Culinary Arts

E-mail: asmaamirah.ahmad@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Hospitality Management, Sales and Marketing, Housekeeping Management, Lodging Management, Customer Service and Culinary Management
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Afif Naim b. Abd Rani


E-mail: afifnaim.abdrani@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Gastronomy
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Anna a/p Arokia Nathen

Senior Lecturer

E-mail: anna.arokianathen@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation:
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Kogilavanee a/p Vadiveloo

Senior Lecturer

E-mail: kogilavanee.vadiveloo@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Economics
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Mior Ahmad Jafri b. Md Sabri

Senior Lecturer & Programme Coordinator for Bachelor of Finance (Hons)

E-mail: mior.ahmadjafri@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Finance & Banking
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Norlela bt. Awang Cha

Senior Lecturer

E-mail: norlela@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Financial Accounting
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Padmashantini a/p Padmanathan

Senior Lecturer

E-mail: padmashantini.padmanathan@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Marketing / Management
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Rajespari a/p Kumar

Senior Lecturer

E-mail: rajespari.kumar@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Introduction to Finance and Elements of Accounting
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Satchit Anantha a/l V. Krishnan

Senior Lecturer

E-mail: satchit.anantha@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation:
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Tham Wai Theang, Winnie

Senior Lecturer and Program Coordinator for Foundation in Business

E-mail: waitheang.tham@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: International Business
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A’azis b. Abd Rahman


E-mail: a’azis.abdrahman@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Finance
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Azzuana Fakhrinie bt. Ramli


E-mail: azzuana.fakhrinie@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Business Mathematics
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Chen Yuen Nee


E-mail: yuennee.chen@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Finance, Compliance (Stockbroking) and Corporate Governance
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Ismail Reza b. Abd Rahman


E-mail: ismail.reza@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Human Resource Management
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Ong Hock Siong

Senior Lecturer

E-mail: hocksiong.ong@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Business Administration & Finance
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Saravana Kumar a/l Kanapathy


E-mail: saravana.kumar@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Hotel and Tourism Management
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Sivarajah a/l Karunakaran


E-mail: sivarajah.karunakaran@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Human Resource
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Wan Nur Shawatul Aswal bt. Zulkefle


E-mail: wnshawatul.aswal@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Accounting
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Zuraideey b. Johari

Senior Lecturer

E-mail: zuraideey@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Accounting & Finance
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Munaliza bt. Jaimun


E-mail: munaliza.jaimun@qiup.edu.my
Area of specialisation: Information Security, Information System
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Alia bt. Mohammed

Administrative Officer

E-mail: alia.mohammed@qiup.edu.my
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Nursuraya bt. Mohamad Zulkifli

Administrative Officer

E-mail: nursuraya.mohamadzulkifli@qiup.edu.my
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Muganthan Marshal

Bakery Chef

E-mail: muganthan.marshal@qiup.edu.my
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Let’s Chat! features industry experts and experienced professionals, and is envisioned to cover a wide range of business and management practices as well as encompasses broader issues such as politics, economy, culture and education.

This fully funded, comprehensive financial education programme is organised by the CIMB Foundation & coordinated by the FBM. The programme aims to enhance financial literacy amongst our students as they embark on their journey to becoming financially independent.

The Conference on Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship (CDME) is organised by the FBM Club with aims to create digital entrepreneurship awareness and propel students into the digital age.

U-Space is an acronym for Undergraduate, Scrutinize, Propose, Argue, Contemplate and Express. It is conceived as a physical and cognitive/ affective space to engage in general topics, to encourage the exchange of ideas, to expand viewpoints and to foster an analytical mindset.

The Meet the Expert platform allows graduate and post-graduate students to engage with industry experts in order to uncover a breadth of industry experience and stories.


Started as an initiative by the School of Hospitality, the Just-Bread bakery app offers a wide selection of bread and pastries including sourdough, quiches, scones, ciabatta, brioche, French baguettes, honey milk loaves and focaccia.

Besides bringing some of the world’s best bread to QIU, the app serves as a hands-on experiential learning platform for our students under the guidance of an accomplished professional chef. They learn how to create these masterpieces and subsequently, how to run a successful business.


Sourdough - Plain

Honey Milk Loaf

Just-Bread’s sourdough variety


Rye Loaf


Sourdough – Walnut Raisin

Scones - Plain and Raisin

Sourdough - Beetroot

Chicken Mushroom and Spinach Tomato Quiche

Cheddar Cheese Loaf

French Baguette

Sourdough - Multigrain

Just-Bread’s bread and pastry variety

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