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Plant Sciences and Biotechnology Research Group


The focus of this group is to enhance and supplement current agricultural, horticultural and conservation practices for economical and sustainability purposes using modern biotechnological approaches. We aim to make significant contributions towards the Malaysian bio-economy while adhering to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through strategic biotechnological approaches in agriculture, horticulture and plant conservation fields. Areas of interest include the production of elite agricultural and horticultural cultivars as well as germplasm conservation via plant molecular genetics and tissue culture techniques; plant stress, physiology and nutrition, as well as plant-microbe interaction.

Research activities

We welcome collaborations with universities, agricultural establishments and farms, especially in terms of propagule or plant initiating material preparation. Current activities involve the following:

  • Micropropagation of multiple crop species: working hand-in-hand with local agriculturists.
  • Conservation of wild orchid species.
  • Influence of medium composition and LEDs on the growth and development of wild orchid species.
  • Assessment of stress, physiology and nutrition in rice plants.
  • Plant-microbe interaction studies.

Group members:

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