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Aquatic Disease Research Group CRI


The Aquatic Disease research group is involved in multidisciplinary research to ensure the improved health and welfare of aquatic organisms and primarily farmed species through improved feed practices that can reduce outbreaks of diseases.

Combating diseases through eco-friendly methods is essential to make aquaculture sustainable. The group contributes to this approach by investigating natural plant-based integrated fish feed technology. This approach will reduce the usage of antibiotics, chemicals, and vaccines in aquaculture.

The group also covers the interactions between the host and parasites, the microorganisms present on fishes, as well as the growth promoters found in fish feeds. Many natural compounds are bioactive and can stimulate the defence mechanisms in fish. The group has long-standing experience in monitoring and assessing the potential of such compounds as health-promoting aquatic feed ingredients in a variety of fish species. 

The current focus is on the application of plant derived from Tridax procumbens plants for combating diseases of Red Tilapia fishes. The relationship between diseases in farmed populations, developing rapid disease diagnostic methods and stress monitoring techniques for use on farms are also important research areas for this group. The group is also actively involved in a spirulina development project with collaborative efforts from national universities.


  • Universiti Malaysia Kelantan
  • Universiti Technology Malaysia
  • Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • International Islamic University Malaysia

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