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The Merdeka Award Trust (MAT) was established by PETRONAS, ExxonMobil and Shell to recognise and reward excellent individuals and organisations whose works and achievements have contributed to the nation’s growth and inspired greatness in the people of Malaysia.

The Merdeka Award Grant for International Attachment was introduced to nurture promising young Malaysians and support them in their journey of excellence. The Merdeka Award Trust’s programmes aim to promote thought leadership and innovation, foster a culture of excellence and encourage a world view.

The grant is awarded to qualified citizens of Malaysia, aged 22 – 35, residing in Malaysia or overseas, in the following fields:

  • Education and Community/Social Work
  • Environment
  • Health, Science and Technology
  • Sports
  • Arts

Application for the grant is now held biennially. The next cycle will begin in 2021.

For more information: https://www.merdekaaward.my/the-grant/about-the-grant


THE MINISTRY OF HIGHER EDUCATION (MOHE) HAS LAUNCHED Public-Private Research Network (PPRN) 2.0 Grant 2021


This is MOHE’s innovative initiative as a strategic collaboration model between industry and academia to enhance the productivity and strengthen Malaysia’s economic growth through innovative programs focused on request.




The aim of this grant is to create a Knowledge friendly ecosystem  where knowledge is produced and disseminated from those who have it to those who are in need of the knowledge. The objectives of the grant are as the following:

  1. To strengthen private and public network relationship through providing solution from Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) & Public Research Institute (PRI) to industry
  2. Increase the productivity via innovation/technology accordingly
  3. Encourage the participation of researchers to provide solution based on request from the industry

Scope of project

  1. Product Innovation: To improve or add value to existing industry especially based on technology or towards certification
  2. Process Innovation: To improve the production process, component resources, warehouses, logistics, delivery methods or services; coordinate to make it more efficient and with technology in line with Industry 4.0

Application duration: 19th February 2021 – 2nd April 2021 (full proposal)

Submission deadline to CRI: 28th March 2021

Quantum: Depends on the size of company / business

  1. PPRN 2021 Guidelines (click here)  
  2. Application form (click here)

ITC is proud to invite potential researchers from higher learning institutions in Malaysia who are currently conducting / supervising research in the area of Islamic Tourism / Muslim Friendly Tourism and other related areas to submit their applications. Through this funding it is hoped that these potential research can contribute to the formulation and development of relevant policies on Islamic tourism.

We seek original, transformative and innovative research on Islamic tourism. Research proposal submitted should be RM50, 000.00 maximum and must be completed within seven (7) months.

Areas of interest can be any of the following:

  • Wellness and Spa
  • Medical / Health Tourism
  • Sustainable Destination Management
  • Community-Based Tourism (Development and Promotion)
  • Smart Tourism / Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Applications for 2021 have not yet open. CRI will keep academician update on the Islamic Tourism Research Grant

For more information: https://itc.gov.my/islamic-tourism-research-grant-2020/

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