Innovation & Technology Center

Invention, Incubation & Innovation

Quest International University‘s Innovation & Technology Center (“ITC”) is chartered to govern and manage the processes related to intellectual property, technology consulting and commercialization.

While research projects are primarily managed by various research centers under their respective faculties, the key role of Innovation & Technology Center is to incubate and commercialize these research outcomes. The gap between a research prototype and a commercial-grade product requires fine-tuning and is bridged and stimulated via QIU10K Seed Funding Program, an incubation program providing RM10,000 seed grant, on-campus co-working space and entrepreneurial mentorship to students and staff for technology commercialization activities.

The center has garnered innovations that won numerous accolades notably the Most Innovative Award at the 40th Science and Engineering Design Exhibition (SEDEX 40) organized by Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Silver Awards Invention & Innovation Awards at Malaysia Technology Expo 2019/2020 and Bronze award at the 2nd Sarawak Innovation & Technology Exhibition (SAINTEX 2.0).

Access to QIU DELTA Co-working Space

Research teams may use QIU’s Innovation & Technology Center co-working space at DELTA, with access to computer and engineering labs as well as other physical services (such as computer resources and computer networks, Arduino/Raspberry Pi boards, Virtual Reality headsets, 3D printers etc.), all on QIU campus.

Entrepreneurial Mentorship

Research teams may also join the Mastering Design Thinking and Disciplined Entrepreneurship (DE24) workshops managed by the Innovation & Technology Center. DE24 is a startup entrepreneurial course taught at MIT. Dedicated mentors on campus will be assigned to coach the new venture following the DE24 methodology.


Industry Demo Day

Industry Demo Days are organized to showcase QIU’s products and technology, connecting and fostering industry-startup collaborations and partnerships, increasing the chances of technology being adopted, transferred and acquired by major industry players.

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