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About Centre

  • The Centre for Infectious Diseases and Parasitology Research (CIDPAR) has been established to fulfill the Vision and Mission statements of Quest International University Perak (QIUP).
  • The CIDPAR will function within the framework of rules, regulation and policies of Quest International University Perak (QIUP) with research management coordinated by the Centre for Graduate Studies and Research of QIUP.
  • Research management and graduate courses will be carried out through CGSR, QIUP.
  • The concept paper for CIDPAR was approved on 4th May 2016 and presented on 18th May 2016.

Structure and Organization

Management of CIDPAR will be

  • Within framework of QIUP rules, regulations and policies,
  • Research management and Graduate courses will be carried out through CGSR, QIUP
  • Technical review Panel with external and internal members
  • Management Committee (Division heads and co-ordinators)
    Prof Dr Subhada Prasad Pani

    Affiliated Faculty
    Dato’ Dr. Raman Narayanasamy
    Prof. Dr. Mun Seng Lee
    ASP. Dr. Aman Shah Abdul Majid
    ASP. Dr. Abdul Rahman Md Said
    Prof. Dr. Natesan Vijayalakshmi
    Prof. Dr. Shakila Srikumar
    SrASP. Dr. Than Than Htwe
    ASP. Dr. Ranjith Mehenderkar
    Dr. Gnanasekaran Ashok
    Dr. Murugesan Karthikeyan
    Dr. Khang Wei Ong

The CIDPAR will have the following divisions and units

  • Division of Basic Research with following units:
    1. Bacteriology
    2. Virology
    3. Mycology
    4. Parasitology and zoonotic diseases
    5. Immunology
    6. Biochemistry
    7. Pathology
  • Division of Applied Research
  • Division of Clinical Research
  • Division of Product Development
  • Division of Capacity Building and Continuing Education


The Centre aspires to be an institution of excellence for interdisciplinary research, education and capacity building in the field of infectious diseases and parasitology contributing to Nation building of Malaysia and improvement in healthcare of the people across the globe.

Mission statements

  • To undertake strategic basic, applied, clinical and product development research for understanding aetio-pathogenesis; diagnosis, treatment, epidemiology and control of infectious and parasitic diseases.
  • To contribute to the global agenda for control/elimination of Neglected Tropical (Infectious) Diseases (NTD).
  • To develop and strengthen local, national and international linkages and collaboration for research, education and capacity building in the fields of infectious diseases and parasitology.
  • To conduct undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as other continuing education programmes of national and international relevance.
  • To provide consultancy services to local, national and international organizations/institutions on demand; and in particular to cater to the needs of State of Perak.

Core values:

  • Commitment to the Vision and Mission statements of QIUP.
  • Excellence, creativity and innovation.
  • Respect for freedom, equity and diversity for research.
  • Commitment to enhancement of academic qualification and career progression of researchers.
  • Promote private-public and private-private partnership.
  • Social responsibility and nation building.

Master of Science (MSc) and PhD in Science (PhD) in following areas:

  • Medical Microbiology
  • Medical Parasitology
  • Immunology
  • Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases

Short / Certificate Courses

  • Laboratory diagnosis of infectious and parasitic diseases
  • Laboratory techniques for detection of drug resistance in bacteria and fungi
  • Molecular techniques in diagnosis of infectious and parasitic diseases
  • Cell and tissue culture for infectious and parasitic diseases
  • Laboratory diagnosis of common parasitic infections
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