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About Centre

The Centre for Angiogenesis and Natural Product Research (CANPR) received its official recognition and designation as a University Research Centre upon approval by Quest International University Perak Senate following a review of proposal and recommendation to the Senate in middle 2016.

CANPR was established on the realization of the wisdom of ancient traditional medicine knowledge and the reality of the modern era’s concept of translational science. This was especially made possible through the elimination of retrogressive traditional institutional inter faculty and departmental bureaucratic barriers. This approach aims to foster and create an effective and inclusive transdisciplinary research environment to generate scientist and thinkers of the future.

Despite its relatively short history, CANPR has emerged as one of the most active medical research centres in the university. This is evidenced by its accomplishments in contributing to the development in research and knowledge at both undergraduate and graduate level within the university as well as externally.

Through its high impact research and publications, government funded projects and its member’s involvement in regulatory, consultancy activities nationally and internationally related to Natural Product/Botanical Drug development, CANPR has emerged as key centre within the region promoting high impact research in drug development from natural products for the nation as well as the region.

CANPR research projects are financially supported by grants from private companies, university, government (Herbal Development Department, Ministry of Agriculture), non-profit organizations, and international organizations.

CANPR also has a wide networking both at local and international levels.  It has attracted collaborations with renowned universities and other organisations in the effort of supporting the advancement in drug discovery from the developing region.

CANPR researchers are actively engaged in natural product testing in relation to specific fundamental research areas with some focusing on the following areas:

  • Angiogenesis
  • Anti-ageing and Regenerative Medicine
  • Neuroprotection
  • Carcinogenesis
  • Wound healing
  • Natural Product/Botanical Drug Formulation
  • Pharmaceutical Technology

The research centre will also offer post-graduate programme specializing in pre-clinical and clinical research (by research) and Master in Herbal Medicine. Current research fellows, visiting scholars, post-doctorates and post-graduate students are from local as well as international institutions.

Current collaborative research team members include scientists from renowned research institutions such as Oxford University, Harvard University, UCLA, and Australian National University.

CANPR will work to elevate itself to the regional as well as international recognition in botanical drug research and development through its partnership with established industry players.


To remain a leading centre in Education, Research and Entrepreneurship in fundamental basic science and clinical research, guided by sound scientific and ethical principles, and committed to the virtues of quality and relevance and thus contribute to the dynamic social-economic and cultural development of Malaysia and the world at large.

Mission statements of the CANPR

The research and scholarship mission of the CANPR is the discovery, development of natural product-derived pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals and their commercialization to benefit human health and agricultural productivity in line with the Malaysian Government’s initiative through the Government Transformation Plan (GTP).

CANPR’s research effort is a broad, multidisciplinary, integrated program covering the following scopes:

  • The screening and discovery of potential new drugs from natural products.
  • The understanding and analytical-based characterization of botanical products/natural products used as dietary supplements, traditional medicine and potential botanical drug.
  • Research on medicinal plants, the control, production and processing of their active pharmaceutical ingredients, their safety profile, efficacy and potential for the development as a pharmaceutical preparation with disease indications.
  • To undertake strategic basic, applied, clinical and natural product development research for understanding aetio-pathogenesis; diagnosis, treatment, epidemiology and control of various human and animal diseases.
  • To conduct undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as other continuing education programmes of national and international relevance.
  • To provide consultancy services to local, national and international organizations / institutions on demand; and in particular to cater to the needs of State of Perak.

Core values:

  • Commitment to the Vision and Mission statements of QIUP
  • Excellence, creativity and innovation
  • Respect for freedom, equity and diversity
  • Commitment to enhancement of academic qualification and career progression of researchers
  • Sharing resources, expertise and building partnership based on transparency and mutual respect
  • Maximising and harmonising the synergies of research, education and capacity building
  • Self-financing leading to sustainability
  • Promote private-public and private-private partnership
  • Social responsibility and nation building

Thrust areas of research

  • To generate scholarly works in peer-reviewed scientific journals and other appropriate media.
  • To disseminate original scholarly works before peers at local, regional, national, and international scientific meetings and conferences.
  • Provision of expert consultation and advice to external agencies and organizations on the use, safety and efficacy of natural products and traditional medicine.
  • Technology transfer to enhance pharmaceutical care and improve patient health and quality of life through personalized medicine.

Postgraduate courses (MSc and PhD) in the following areas:

  • Natural Product Discovery,
  • Drug Discovery,
  • Clinical Trial
  • Angiogenesis

Short / Certificate courses on the following areas:

  • Molecular Modelling
  • Botanical Drug Development
  • Clinical Trials Design and Execution
  • Industrial Based Training in Natural Product Extraction
  • Bioreactor Plant Management-cGMP
  • Botanicals application in Integrative, Regenerative and Personalized Medicine

Management of CANPR will be

  • Within framework of QIUP rules, regulations and policies,
  • Research management and Graduate courses will be carried out through collaboration with CGSR, QIUP as well CANPR network of research and academic collaborators
  • Technical review Panel with external and internal members
  • Management Committee (Division heads and co-ordinators)

Assoc.Prof Dr. Aman Shah Abdul Majid

Division Heads and co-ordinators
Affiliated Network of Scientists from Industry, Local and International Academic Institutions as well as QIUP Faculty Members of Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy and other research centres within QIUP

The CANPR will have the following divisions and units headed by eminent leaders from the industry and academia:
Division of Research and Services with following units

  • Pharmaceutical Research (Industry)
  • Commercialization of Scientific Discovery and Development
  • Formulation Science and Drug Delivery
  • Clinical Trials (Contract Research Organization)
  • GLP Toxicology
  • In Vitro and In Vivo Testing
  • Division of Medicinal Product Development
  • Division of Capacity Building and Continuing Education
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