Professor Dr. Alam Sher Malik

>>Professor Dr. Alam Sher Malik


MBBS (Lahore); DCH (Lahore); MCPS (Karachi); DTCH (Liverpool); DipMedEd (Dundee)

Clinical and Teaching Experience:

32 years

Areas of Interest:

Paediatric Infectious Diseases, Medical Education (Curriculum development; Staff development; Student assessment).

On-going Research Projects:

  1. Dengue haemorrhagic fever in children
  2. Cryptosporidiosis in children


  • Desai N, Sood S, Malik AS, Sood M. Aids After HAART (ISBN9789673054589). University Publication Centre
    (UPENA), UiTM, 2009


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    Sarawak in terms of Harden’s 10 questions. Medical Teacher, 2002; 24:616-21.
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