Ms. Haniza Abdul Khalid

>>Ms. Haniza Abdul Khalid
Pn Haniza Abdul Khalid
Professional Experience:
20 years
20 years
Courses Taught:
  • Intensive Grammar
  • Public Speaking
  • Academic Reading
  • Business Writing
  • Report Writing
  • Job Preparations Skills
  • Elementary/Intermediate/Advanced Communicative English Courses
  • MUET (Malaysian University English Test)
  • Business Communication Skills
Research and Academic Projects:
  • Students’ Attitude and Motivation Toward English as a Medium of Instruction, 2001, UKM
  • Total Physical Response Method in Teaching English to Foreign Students: An Analysis, 2001, UKM
  • Independent Studies: Motivation, 2000, UKM
  • Isu-Isu Pendidikan: STPM Tidak Wajar Dimansuhkan, 1999, UKM
  • The Influence of Mother Tongue on MFI Students’ Written Productions, 1998, UKM
  • Using English Cartoon Strips to teach English Vocabulary to form Two Students, 1994, UKM
  • Comparative Literature-Comparing Two Texts: Perempuan by Shanon Ahmad and Women by Harry Aveling, 1994, UKM
  • The Influence of Lady Macbeth: An Analysis, 1993, UKM
  • Staging of Macbeth, using Theatrical Skills, 1993,Director and Actor-Drama Project, UKM
Areas of Interest:
  • Human Psychology & Development-Motivation & Attitude Towards Learning
  • Sociolinguistics : Aspects of Language Learning & Teaching
  • Sociolinguistics : The Influence of Mother Tongue in Second Language Learning
  • Linguistics : Human Communication Skills
  • Culture & Communication

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