Mr. Chelladurai Sinkaram

>>Mr. Chelladurai Sinkaram

B.Eng (Hons) EE, MSc EE, MTAM
Teaching Experience:
11 years
Major Research Interests:
Power & Energy
Teaching Interests:
Electronics, Digital Electronics and Power system and Energy.
Consultancy Services:
External Moderator For Maxwell College
Professional Involvement:
  • ChelladuraiSinkaram,Vijanth S. Asirvadam,Nursyarizal Bin Mohd Nor, MumtajBegam.; “Battery Characteristics Due to Various discharging current and temperatures. A simulation Approach,” in IEEE Student International Conference on Research and Development (SCORED), 2012, Penang, Malaysia, 05-06December 2012.
  • ChelladuraiSinkaram, Vijanth S. Asirvadam, KausillyaRajakumar, “Modeling Battery Management System Using The Lithium-Ion Battery” in IEEE Student International Conference on Control System,Computing and Engineering  (ICCSCE), 2012, Penang, Malaysia, 23-26November 2012.
  • Chelladurai Sinkaram,Vijanth S. Asirvadam, Nursyarizal Bin Mohd Nor, MumtajBegam.; “Capacity study of lithium-ion Battery for Hybrid Electrical Vehicle (HEV). A simulation Approach,” in  IEEE International Conference on Signal & Image processing,,8-10 October 2013 Melaka Malaysia

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