Dr. Ala Abdulhakim Abdulaziz Al-Areqi

>>Dr. Ala Abdulhakim Abdulaziz Al-Areqi

B. Computer Science (Security Technology); MMU. MSc.  Computer Science (Information Security), UTM; PhD.  Computer Science (Information Security), UTM.
Teaching & Research Experience:
  • 5 years

Teaching Interests:

  • Computer networks, Network security, Computer security, Java programming, Web application programming and Database Design.


Selected Publications:
  1. Alariki, A. A. and Manaf, A. A. (2014). Investigation of Touch-Based User Authentication Features Using Android Smartphone. Advanced Machine Learning Technologies and Applications.(135-144). journal of communications in computer and information science . (ISI/SCOPUS/ Springer Cited Publication)
  2. Alariki, A. A. and Manaf, A. A. (2014). Behavioral Biometrics Authentication Using Gesture-Based. Advanced Science Letters journal. 20(2), 492-495. (ISI/SCOPUS Cited Publication)
  3. Alariki, A. A. and Manaf, A. A. (2014). Touch gesture authentication framework for  for touch screen mobile devices. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology. 62(2). (SCOPUS Cited Publication)
  4. Alariki, A. A. and Manaf, A. A. (2014). Biometrics Authentication Using Touch-Based Gesture Features for Intelligent Mobile Devices. 1st International Conference of Recent Trends in Information and Communication Technologies. IRICT 2014 Proceeding.  September, 2014, Universiti TeknologiMalaysia, Johor, Malaysia. (Conference Proceeding Cited Publication).
  5. Alariki, A. A. , Manaf, A. A. and S.KHAN (2016). A Study of Touching Behavior for Authentication in Touch Screen Smart Devices. first International Conference on Intelligent Systems Engineering (ICISE). IEEE 2016 Proceeding.

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