Dr. A. Anantha Raj

>>Dr. A. Anantha Raj
A. Anantha Raj
BBA (Hons)(UK), M.A.I.B (UK), MBA (UK), PhD Candidate (USM)
Professional Experience:
12 years
Teaching and Research Experience:
8 years
Major Research Interests
Entrepreneurship; Globalization; Internationalization of higher education; Service quality; Customer satisfaction; Transformational leadership; Leadership styles; Workforce diversity and Human resource management
Teaching Interests:
Consumer Behaviour; Entrepreneurship; Marketing; Principles of Marketing; International Marketing; Human Resource Management; International Human Resource Management; International Business; Organizational Behaviour;
Strategic Management; Total Quality Management; Principles of Leadership and Strategic Human Resource Management.
Other Relevant Information:
  1. Member of Association of Master of Business Administration (AMBA), UK
  2. Member of Association of Business Executives, UK
  3. Alumni of University of West of England, United Kingdom
  4. Alumni of University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
  5. Alumni of University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
  6. Reviewer for International Journal of Business and Management
  7. Reviewer for Asian Journal of Business Management
  8. Reviewer for International Journal of Economics and Management
Selected Publications:
  1. A. Arokiasamy, H. H. Tat and Abdullah, A.G.K. (2013). “The Effects of Reward System and Motivation on Job Satisfaction: Evidence from the Education Industry in Malaysia”. World Applied Sciences Journal 24 (12), September 2013, ISSN: 1818-4952, pp. 1597-1604. (ISI & SCOPUS-Cited Publication)
  2. A. Arokiasamy (2013). “A Qualitative Study on Causes and Effects of Employee Turnover in the Private Sector in Malaysia”. Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research 16 (11), September 2013, ISSN: 1990-9233, pp. 1532-1541. (ISI & SCOPUS-Cited Publication)
  3. A. Arokiasamy and Abdullah, A.G.K, (2013). “Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction in the Service Sector: Evidence from the Malaysian Fast Food Industry”. International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, Issue 15, Oct 2013, ISSN: 1450-2887, pp.54-65. (SCOPUS-Cited Publication)
  4. A. Arokiasamy and Abdullah, A.G.K, (2013). “Customer Satisfaction and Online Service Quality in the Banking Sector in Malaysia”. International Journal of Contemporary Business Studies (IJCBS), Vol. 4, No. 6, June 2013, ISSN: 2156-7506, pp. 70-83. (Non-ISI/Non-SCOPUS Cited Publication)
  5. A. Arokiasamy (2013). “A Study on Employee Satisfaction Perspectives in the Hotel Industry in Malaysia”. International Journal of Management and Strategy (IJMS), Vol. No.4, Issue 6, Jan – June 2013, ISSN: 2231-0703. (Non-ISI/Non-SCOPUS Cited Publication)
  6. A. Arokiasamy (2013). “The Impact of Customer Satisfaction on Customer Loyalty and Intentions to Switch in the Banking Sector in Malaysia”. The Journal of Commerce (JOC), Vol. 5, No. 1, January 2013, ISSN: 2218-8118, pp. 14-21. (Non-ISI/Non-SCOPUS Cited Publication)
  7. A. Arokiasamy (2012). “Globalization and Higher Education: A Malaysian Perspective”. International Journal of Advances in Management and Economics(IJAME), Vol: 1, Issue 3, May-June, 2012, ISSN: 2278-3369, pp. 10-16. (Non-ISI/Non-SCOPUS Cited Publication)
  8. A. Arokiasamy (2012). “Enhancing the Quality of Teaching at Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia through the Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)”. Australian Journal of Business and Management Research (AJBMR), Vol. 2. No. 4, July 2012, ISSN: 1839-0846, pp. 20-25. (Non-ISI/Non-SCOPUSCited Publication)
  9. A. Arokiasamy and Mamat, I. (2012). “Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction in the Wireless Telecommunication Services Provided in Malaysia”. International Journal of Management and Administrative Sciences (IJMAS), Volume 1, Number 5, February, 2012, ISSN: 2225-7225, pp. 12-21. (Non-ISI/Non-SCOPUS Cited Publication)

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