Staff List

>Staff List

Name Position Specialization
Prof. Dr Abdul Latif Salleh

Dean & Professor Business Administration, Management
Assoc. Prof. Dr Loke Siew-Phaik

Deputy Dean, Associate Professor Management, Strategic Management, Corporate Strategy
Assoc. Prof. Adeline Kok

Deputy Dean, Associate Professor & Programme Coordinator (BCorporate Comm. & BMass Comm) Mass Communication, Advertising and Public Relations
Dr. Jamalludin Helmi Hashim

Associate Professor

Mr. Tanaraj Krishna

Lecturer and Head of Programme, BAcc (Hons) & DAC Accounting
Ms. Wan Nur Shawatul Aswal Zulkefle


Ms. Norlela Awang Cha

Senior Lecturer

Financial Accounting
Ms. Padmashantini A/P Padmanathan

Senior Lecturer and Head of Programme, BBA (Hons) Marketing / Management
Ms. Malathi a/p Kanapathy

Senior Lecturer Business Mathematics, Business Statistics
Dr. Hafizah Mat Nawi

Senior Lecturer Finance
Mr. A’azis Abd Rahman


Lecturer Finance
Dr. A. Anantha Raj
Lecturer Economics, International Business, Business Administration
Mr. Wong Kok Yaw

Lecturer Business Administration
Mr. Muniandy Munusamy

Lecturer Business Administration, Management
Mr. Sivarajah Karunakaran

Lecturer Human Resource
Ms. Anna Arokia Nathen

Senior Lecturer and Programme Coordinator
Mr. Mior Ahmad Jafri

Senior Lecturer
Programme Coordinator (BFin)
Finance & Banking
Mr. Ong Hock Siong

Lecturer Business Administration & Finance
Mr. Zuraideey Johari

Lecturer Accounting & Finance
Mr. Mohd Syarin Aman

Senior Lecturer and
Programme Coordinator (BHT)
Tourism Management, Tourism Planning, Hospitality Management, Event Management, Service Management
Mr. Saravana Kumar A/L V Kanapathy

Lecturer Hospitality Tourism / Business Admin
Mr. Ahmad Faindra Abdul Jabbar

Lecturer and Head of Programme – FIA Computer Applications, E-Commerce and E-Tourism
Ms. Auni Mohammed

Lecturer Mass Communication
Mr. Muhamad Shamsul Ibrahim

Lecturer Mass Communication
Ms. Haniza Abdul Khalid

Senior Lecturer
Head (English Department)
English, TESL and Education
Ms. Amanpreet Kaur

Lecturer TESL
Ms. Mutiara Salina Saharudin

Lecturer, Module Coordinator (English Courses of Diploma Programme) and Person In Charge (MUET) TESL
Ms. Ooi Ai Leng

Lecturer English, TESL, Literature
Mr. Shahrul Ridzuan Arshad

Lecturer and Programme Coordinator (BA TESL) English Language Studies
Mr. Muhammad Amin Md. Sani

Lecturer and Module Coordinator (English Courses of Bachelor Degree Programme) World Literature / English Language
Mr. Raj Gopal Dronamraju 

Lecturer TESL, Intensive English
Ms. Shamanee Murthi

Lecturer English Language & Literature
Ms. Annieura Jospine

Lecturer and Module Coordinator (English Courses of Foundation Programme) English Language
Ms. Noor Eleena Nordin

Lecturer and Person In Charge English Enhancement Programme (EEP) Literature/Linguistics

Dr. Jeffrey Yee Khong Loong

Lecturer and Head of Programme, MBA Leadership, management, sales management, organisational behaviour and qualitative research methods
Ms. Siti Arija Wardati Binti Mohd Rusli

Lecturer and Programme Coordinator (DHM & DTM) Food and Beverage Management/Operation, Professional Ethics, Customer Service, Meeting Incentives Convention and Exhibition (MICE) as well as Marketing for Hospitality and Travel industry and Training and Development
Ms. Noor Asneeda Binti Ishak

Lecturer Food and beverage cost control, food and beverage management, restaurant management and entrepreneurship in hospitality and tourism
Ms. Vikneswari Kathirgamu

Senior Lecturer and Head of Programme, BECE (Hons) & DECE Early Childhood Education

Ms. Tham Wai Theang

Programme Coordinator Foundation in Business), Senior Lecturer International Business

Mr. Kiranpal Singh S/O Kerpal Singh

Lecturer Business Essentials, Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Total Quality Management

Ms. Qurat ul Ain

Senior Lecturer Sociology

Ms. Azzuana Fakhrinie Binti Ramli

Lecturer Business Mathematics

Ms. Rajespari Kumar

Lecturer Introduction to Finance and Elements of Accounting

General Studies Unit (GSU)

Name Position Specialization
Assoc. Prof. Chandraseagran Suppiah

Head of GSU Psychologist / Educational Psychology
Ms. Thilagavathy Subramaniam

Lecturer Corporate Communication and Intercultural Communication
Ms. Nurul Ain binti Ahmad Sabri

Lecturer Southeast Asian History, Human Science & Political Science
Mr. Muthualagan Thangavelu

Lecturer Moral Education, Human Development
Ms. Juliana binti Jelani

Lecturer Economic Management
Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Noris

Lecturer History and Civilization
Mr. Palaniappan Periannan

Senior Lecturer Classical Malay Literature
Name Designation Area of Specialization
Dean & Associate Professor Satellite signal propagation and Microwave communication
Deputy Dean & Assistant Professor, Programme Coordinator for Computer Science Computer Vision, Computer Graphics

Mr. Jeyajulian a/l Ramachanderan

Deputy Dean Mathematics( Foundation Mathematics/Discrete Mathematics/Engineering Mathematics/Calculus and Linear Algebra/Business Mathematics) Statistics (Business Statistics/Statistics and Probability with SPSS)
Associate Professor Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Intelligent Systems, Text Classification
Assistant Professor Coastal Environment/Ecology and Fisheries
Senior Lecturer Communications and Signal Processing, Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
Senior Lecturer Power System
Senior Lecturer Electrical Engineering
Lecturer Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Mr. Tay Yen Pei

Senior Lecturer & Head of Programme – Bachelor of Computer Science Information Systems, Information Technology
Senior Lecturer & Head of Programme – Bachelor of Actuarial Science Numerical Method, Global Optimization Method, Operations
Senior Lecturer and Programme Coordinator for Engineering Electronic Circuits, Signal Processing, VLSI and Bio Medical Engineering
Lecturer Molecular Biology, Genetics, Microbiology
Lecturer Microbial biotechnology, Fermentation technology, Biochemistry
Lecturer Advanced Web Programming, Software Engineering, Computer Graphics, E-Learning/E-Books
Lecturer Workflow Systems, Database
Lecturer and Programme Coordinator for Biotechnology Molecular Biology, Genetics
Mr. Farid Zamani bin Che Rose

Lecturer Mathematics / Statistics
Lecturer Information Systems, E-Commerce, Artificial Intelligence
Lecturer Software Engineering, Learning Management System
Lecturer Enzyme Technology, Fermentation and Bioprocess Technology
Lecturer Molecular Microbiology
Lecturer Electrical Engineering
Lecturer Computer & Information Systems
Lecturer Electrical/Electronics
Lecturer Computer Science/Information Security

Ms. Nur Mashitah binti Mustaffa Albasre

Programme Coordinator Foundation in Science), Lecturer Chemistry

Mr. Mohd Adil Hakam Bin Osman

Lecturer Oleochemistry

Ms. Menaka Sivapalan

Senior Lecturer, General Studies Unit Computer Applications and Information Technology Skills

Mr. Yusni Aizat bin Yusof

Lecturer Applied Physics

Ms. Thiagaletchumi Maniam

Lecturer Applied Biology / Entomology

Ms. Gogilavani A/P Jothi Veeramani

Lecturer Computer Science

Mr. Muhammad Fadhirul Anuar bin Mohd Azami

Lecturer  Mathematics

Ms. Mahthavi Jeyandran

Lecturer Microbiology, Biomedical Sciences and Health Sciences

Mr. Palaniappan Gurusamy

Senior Laboratory Technologist Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Ms. Kamala A/P Nalatamby

Laboratory Technologist (Chemistry Lab) Chemistry

Ms. Nurul Hasnida Binti Abd Wahab

Scientific Officer Biology, Microbiology, Applied Biology and Cell and Molecular Biology
Scientific Officer Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Scientific Officer Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Plant Tissue Culture

Mr. Yukes Kumar A/L Nadarajah

Lab Technologist Medical Laboratory Technology
Senior Administrative Officer Economy

Ms. Alia Binti Mohammed

Administrative Officer
Name Designation Department

Prof. Dr. Alam Sher Malik

Dean and Professor Paediatrics

Prof. Dr. Subhada Prasad Pani

Deputy Dean (Pre-Clinical), Research Professor and Head of Department (Microbiology) Microbiology

Dr. Kamalashi Saminathan PMP. AMP.

Director of Administration

Professor Dato’ Dr Raman Narayanasamy

Professor and Head of Department of Psychiatry Psychiatry

Prof. Dr. Sumitabha Ghosh

Professor and Head of Department of Physiology Physiology

Prof. Dr. Hashim Md Tahir

Professor Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Prof. Dr. N. Vijayalakshmi

Professor and Coordinator of Phase I Microbiology

Prof. Dr. Rukhsana Hussain Malik

Professor and Head of Medical Education Unit Medical Education

Prof. Dr. Boddupalli Ramakrishna

Professor and Head of Department of Paediatrics Pediatrics

Prof. Dr. Lee Mun Seng

Professor and  Coordinator of Phase II Ophthalmology

Prof. Dr. Kiran M. Bhojwani

Professor Otorhinolaryngology

Senior Assoc. Prof. Dr. Than Than Htwe

Senior Associate Professor and Head of Department of Pathology Pathology

Prof. Dr. Shakila Srikumar

Professor and Head of Department of Biochemistry Biochemistry

Prof. Dr. Goh Chooi Beow

Professor Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehenderkar ShivajiRao Ranjith

Associate Professor Microbiology

Assoc. Prof. Abd. Rahman Md. Said

Associate Professor Biochemistry

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eddie Soon Cheng Kung

Associate Professor Psychology

Assoc. Prof Dr. Lilli Jacob

Associate Prof and Head of Department of Community Medicine Community Medicine

Assoc. Prof Dr. Renju Kurian

Associate Professor Pathology

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suresh

Associate Professor Anatomy

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Shajahan Kabir

Associate Professor Medicine

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mamunur Rashid

Associate Professor and Head of Department of Medicine Medicine

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aman Shah Abdul Majid

Associate Professor Pharmacology

Assoc. Prof. Dr. F.G.Dawoodi

Associate Professor Anaesthesiology

Assoc. Prof. Dr Mallem Dinakar

Associate Professor Forensic Medicine

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Deenesh Satyendra Kumar Malagar

Associate Professor Orthopaedics

Dr. Yupa Min

Senior Lecturer Pathology/ Parasitology

Dr. Pradeep Palanisamy

Senior Lecturer Anatomy
Senior Lecturer Microbiology

Dr. Young Swee Choon

Senior Lecturer Pediatrics

Dr. Mairaj Muhammad Khan Ghouri

Senior Lecturer Surgery

Dr. Amarjit Singh

Senior Lecturer Surgery

Dr. Ong Khang Wei

Senior Lecturer Pharmacology

Dr. Lubna Shirin

Senior Lecturer Anatomy

Dr. Nasrin Habib

Senior Lecturer Physiology

Dr. Bedanta Roy

Senior Lecturer Physiology

Dr. Ebrahim NKC

Senior Lecturer Physiology
Dr. Jayaraj Kodangattil Narayanan

Senior Lecturer Physiology

Dr. Karthikeyan

Senior Lecturer Microbiology
Senior Lecturer Family Medicine
Senior Lecturer Family Medicine

Dr. Poh Woon Cheng

Lecturer Biochemistry

Mr. Pugazhandhi Bakthavatchalam

Lecturer Anatomy

Dr. Kwan Jung Wern

Adjunct Lecturer Medicine

Dr. Loh Siew Leong

Adjunct Lecturer Medicine

Dr. Lai Ee Ling

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Medicine

Dr. Suhashni Gnaneswaran

Adjunct Lecturer Medicine

Dr. Yeap Sze Queen

Adjunct Lecturer Medicine

Dr. Chan Tze Ming @ Richard

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Medicine

Dr. Chang Meng Lee

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Medicine

Dr. Chooi Kheng Chiew

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Medicine

Dr. Jaya Balan Valiappan

Adjunct Associate Professor Obstetrics & Gynacology

Dr. Tonic Fuan Leang Gill

Adjunct Assistant Professor Obstetrics & Gynacology

Dr. Tan Chew Khang

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Obstetrics & Gynacology

Dr. Kamal Nazmir

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Obstetrics & Gynacology

Dr. Sheila Gopal Krishnan

Adjunct Assistant Professor Pediatrics

Dr. Nga Shih Hang

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Pediatrics

Dr. Saiful Rijal bin Muhammad

Adjunct  Lecturer Pediatrics

Dr. Puah Chang Hua

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Pediatrics

Dr. Manoharan Kumaran

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Radiology

Dato Dr Sellaiah Sithambaram Pillay

Honarary Lecturer Radiology

Dr. Murniyati Abdul Wahid

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Psychiatry

Dr. Ahmad Syukri Chew bin Abdullah

Adjunct Assistant Professor Psychiatry

Dr. Eni Rahaiza bt Muhd Ramli

Adjunct Assistant Professor Psychiatry

Dr. Choo Shell Pinn

Adjunct Lecturer Psychiatry

Dr. Rizal bin Asidi

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Surgery

Dr. Chong Hoong Weng

Adjunct  Lecturer Surgery

Dr. Cheah Wee Kooi

Adjunct Assistant Professor Geriatric Medicine

Dr. Avatar Singh A/L Mohan

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Otorhinolarngology

Dr. Lee Kean Teong

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Otorhinolarngology

Dr. Liau Kai Meng

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Orthopaedic

Dr. Lili Zuryani bt Marmuji

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Family Medicine

Dr. Ayob A/L Bahlos

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Family Medicine

Dr. Fauziah Abdul Karim

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Family Medicine

Dr. Afzaninawati Suria bt Yusof

Adjunct Assistant Professor Public Health

Dr. P Raviwharmman

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Public Health
Name Designation Email

Assoc. Prof Dr. Vilasini Pillai


Dr. Kamariah Hassan

Programme Coordinator for MSc

Datuk Dr. Allan Mathews

Professor and Dean

Clinical / Hospital Pharmacy
Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance
PharmaceuticaL Management

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Syed Atif Abbas

Deputy Dean


Dr. Mahibub Mahamadsa Kanakal

Senior Lecturer and Head of Research Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology

Mr. Lean Yen Loong

Senior Lecturer Pharmaceutical Analysis

Ms. Ayesha Fatima

Lecturer Biopharmaceutics

Ms. Gayathri Rajamanickam

Lecturer Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Ms. Noor Shahida binti Ajmi

Scientific Officer Pharmaceutical 

Ms. Sasirekha Asogan

Lab Technologist

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