Intake 2017

>Intake 2017
Foundation Programmes Intakes Registration Day Orientation Day Class Commencement
  • All Foundation programmes
  • All Diploma programmes (unless listed below) & All Bachelor’s Degree programme (unless listed below)
April 1-April 3- April to 7- April 10-April
July 1-July 3-July to 4-July 5-July
September 30-Sept 2-Oct to 6-Oct 23-Oct

 Note: September 2017 Intake

Date Date Academic Week
30-Sept.-17 New Students Registration Day
2-Oct.-17 6-Oct.-17 Orientation
9-Oct.-17 13-Oct.-17 Enrichment Programme
16-Oct.-17 20-Oct.-17 Deepavali (Break)
  • Bachelor Of Medicine & Bachelor Of Surgery (MBBS)
  • Bachelor Of Biomedical Sciences



6-May 8-May to 12-May 15-May
October 30-Sept 2-Oct to 6-Oct 9-Oct
  • Bachelor Of Pharmacy
October 30-Sept 2-Oct to 6-Oct 9-Oct
Graduate Programme :

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Doctor of Business Administration
  • Master of Science
  • PhD in Science
April 3-April NA 3-April
May 22-May NA 22-May
Oct 9-Oct NA 9-Oct
Note: The university reserves the right to make changes without notice amendments and as such there shall be no liability in respect of the said amendments.

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