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General Information

1. Who are we?
QUEST INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY PERAK (QIUP) is a private and comprehensive research-led University established by Blair Education Services Sdn. Bhd. in the State of Perak, Malaysia on 12th June 2008 with equity participation by Perak State Government.
2. Where are we located?

The University is currently operating from an interim campus along and off Jalan Raja Permaisuri Bainun (Jalan Kampar) in Ipoh City. A permanent campus will be constructed in due course on 250 acres of land at the Gua Tempurung eco-tourism belt near Gopeng, some 30 km from Ipoh City.

At the interim campus, three (3) buildings accommodate the University's administration and academic facilities, of which one is exclusively for the Medical Faculty. All relevant laboratory and teaching facilities with state-of-the-art equipment are available at the interim campus for the conduct of the University's inaugural programmes.

3. Is QIUP an IPTS or IPTA?

QIUP is a private University (IPTS) with equity participation by Perak State Government.

4. Is QIUP a recognized University?

QIUP is registered with the Ministry of Higher Education under the Malaysian Private Educational Institutions Act 1996 with registration number KPT/JPT/DFT/US/A05.

5. Do you confer your own degrees or conduct twinning programmes with some other Universities?
Being a full-fledged University, QIUP awards its own degrees for all its courses.
6. Why should I study in QIUP?

Global Standards

  • QIUP is committed to international standards of excellence in scholarship and research and maintains the education quality to be on par with universities around the world.

Character Building

  • QIUP understands the importance of independent learning, creativity, communication skills, team spirit, respect for diversity, and leadership, and continuously strives to instill these in students through its holistic educational approach in all its academic programmes.

"Job-ready" Students

  • Students will learn through involvement in real-life work situations, as every course will be hands-on and relevant to the working world with the students additionally sensitized to handling diversity and change.

Academic Excellence

  • QIUP's benchmarked programme with outcome-based curricula and well entrenched quality control measures in teaching, research and student assessment will ensure that its graduates are competent and innovative and find unrivalled acceptance in the global marketplace.

21st Century Campus

  • Plans are already underway to construct its main campus on 250 acres of land at the picturesque Gua Tempurung eco-tourism belt near Gopeng, some 30 km away from Ipoh. The main campus will be a ‘green’ environmentally-friendly campus.
7. Why is QIUP different from other institutions?

QIUP has their own distinctive areas:

Job Employability
  • Being backed by a global conglomerate, QIUP understands the needs that is expected by the occupational world and customises its courses to address current needs.
Quality Assured
  • Good blend of experienced senior and well respected academicians and a balance of local and overseas educators.
Conducive Learning Environment
  • Ipoh provides the lifestyle opportunities and attractions that students expect in addition to the natural fauna and limestone that provides a more serene environment to live in.
Character Building
  • Developing students inside and outside of classroom through co-curricular activities to instill feeling of community and promote service learning.
  • The fees charged for the programmes are affordable to the average Malaysian student and the cost of living in Ipoh is relatively lower than that of Klang Valley.
8. What are the amenities around QIUP?

QIUP is currently located in the centre of Ipoh City. Some of the amenities available near the campus are The Store hypermarket, Chinese temples, churches, various banks, restaurants and food outlets, Medan Gopeng Bus Terminal, Local Bus Terminal, Perak Community Specialist Hospital and Pekan Baru Police Station.

  • The Store Hypermarket
  • 1.4 km (2 mins)
  • CIMB Bank
  • Same building
  • Medan Gopeng Bus Terminal
  • 4.3 km (10 mins)
  • Local Bus Terminal
  • 3.9 km (7 mins)
  • Perak Community Specialist Hospital
  • 1.4 km (2 mins)
  • Pekan Baru Police Station
  • 2.1 km (4 mins)
  • KTM Station
  • 3.3 km (10 mins)
9. What are the modes of transport available for students to get to other places?
QIUP is easily accessible via public transportation such as buses and taxis. Medan Gopeng Bus Terminal and Local Bus Terminal are located within 2 to 3 km from the campus. The train station is about 10 mins. away.
10. What are the facilities currently available in the campus?

The premises are fully air-conditioned and operate under the surveillance of high technology Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV). The facilities include the following:

Learning Facilities
  • Fully-equipped Science and Medical laboratories
  • State-of-the-Art Computer Labs
  • Well stocked Library
  • Lecture Rooms and Seminar Rooms
  • Cafeteria
  • Surau
Student Support Services
  • Student Affairs Division, Counselling Unit, International Students Office and Sports and Recreational Clubs
  • Student accommodation is provided at Alpine Village, Sunway City – transportation is provided to and from the campus
11. Which Universities are collaborating with QIUP?

Currently, the University has collaboration agreements with 2 Universities in India namely:

  • KLE University, Belgaum
  • International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Hyderabad

This agreement allows for staff exchange, staff training, student internship and assistance for curriculum development.

Efforts are underway to have articulation agreements with Universities in other countries including Australia, UK and US.

12. When are the intakes?

For the Foundation Programme, QIUP is offering three intakes per year i.e. January, April and September of each year and for the Degree Programmes, there will be two intakes in each year, i.e. in April and September. 

13. When is the closing date for each intake?

For each intake, following the registration, there will be "Student Orientation" activities for one week. Lectures will start after the Orientation Week and the closing date for the intake will be two weeks after commencement date.

14. What is the medium of instruction at QIUP?
The medium of instruction at QIUP is English.
15. What about the class sizes?
For the Foundation Programme, classes are designed to accommodate a maximum of 25 students to encourage active class participation and promote meaningful interactions between students and lecturers. Classes for Degree Programme can accomodate up to 60 students. 
16. Who are your lecturers?

QIUP's lecturers are well qualified academics with recognized academic qualifications and experience. They comprise of locals and foreigners.

17. Are you open on weekends?

During non-intake periods, we are closed on weekends. However, during intake periods we are open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am – 2pm for registration of new students.

18. What are your operational hours?

Our office opens from 8.30am - 5.30pm on weekdays and closed on weekends. Please note that we shall be open 7 days a week during intake periods.

20. Are internships arranged or made available while studying at QIUP?
Internships are a compulsory element in all our Degree Programme and the University will assist in arranging the interships. 

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