• BSc (Hons) Biotechnology (AIMST)
  • Msc in Biotechnology (AIMST)

Teaching and Research Experience:

  • 2 years (Teaching Experience)
  • 5 years (Research Experience)

Areas of Specialization:

  • Production of vaccine using bacteria, Bacterial gene regulation and bacterial DNA manipulation (gene knockout)


Administrative Appointments /Committee Involvements
  • Programme Coordinator for BSc Biotechnology, School of Biological Sciences
Information on Works Published (Conferences / Journals)
  • Lim Kok Keong, Sarah Stephenie, Sivachandran,P, Kathiresan S, Ravichandran M and Lalitha P. BIODEGRADATION OF CHICKEN FEATHER INTO CYSTEINE BY CHRYSEOBACTERIUM INDOLOGENES. ICMSM (2009). Poster Presentation