Application Guidelines  



The Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI) offers this set of guidelines to recommend appropriate roles and responsibilities for Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) and for their recruitment and appointment.


Position Definition

Application is open to all Malaysian and International citizens who are already offered to study in a Masters (by research) or PhD programme at Quest International University Perak.  A successful applicant is not allowed to receive any other financial support or scholarship/fellowship, and should not be engaged in any type of employment.

Applicant’s number of semesters must not exceed:

  1. Masters : 4 semesters.
  2. PhD : 6 semesters.


  1. Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s degree (for Master) or Master degree (for PhD) in a related discipline;
  2. Should be registered into Master/PhD program within 6 months after being successfully recruited;
  3. CGPA > 3.5 or equivalent;
  4. Excellent proficiency in English (written and spoken);
  5. Able to work independently with minimal supervision;
  6. Right sense of urgency, hardworking, pro-active, and willing to learn new skills/things;

Tuition Waivers:

  • As a research assistant, you are entitled to a waiver of tuition fees only. You are responsible paying the miscellaneous fees;
  • You will forfeit your tuition/fee waivers and become liable for the full amount due if you withdraw from your programme after the first two weeks of the term.
  1. Appointment Status:
  2. Salary / Monthly Stipend:
    Graduate Research Assistants typically are paid on the last working day of the month. The salary criteria is as follows:

    Post Qualification Salary range
    Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) Bachelor degree RM 1200 – RM 1500
    Master RM 1500 – RM 1800
  3. Reappointment:
    The Director of Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI) is responsible for verifying eligibility for an assistantship and making offers of reappointment to the recommended candidates by executing an Appointment Agreement containing the terms and conditions of the assistantship, including title, stipend, term of appointment, and other terms and conditions of appointment (if any) and a Duties and Responsibilities addendum as appropriate that specifies the (1) educational requirements; (2) job requirements; (3) duties, and (4) performance standards for the appointment.
  4. Working Hours:
    5 working days in a week, excluding Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday unless necessary. Minimum working hours is 8 hours/day. Cumulative working hours is 40 hours/week.
  5. Supervision:
    Each Graduate Research Assistant is assigned a supervisor at the time of appointment. These supervisors are responsible for providing guidance and support to the graduate assistants and to ensure that they are prepared to carry out the duties of their assistantships.
  6. Key Performance Indicator (KPI):
    Provide research and writing assistance to the supervisor and Research Centre. The GRA responsibilities vary greatly and may include, but are not limited to:

    • Tutoring individual or small groups of students;
    • Assisting a faculty member with a practical class by teaching students;
    • Assisting lab staff for the preparation of practical classes;
    • Assisting in performing other tasks or events such as preparation of exhibition and presentations, education fair, etc.;
    • Publish at least one (1) paper in ISI-indexed journal during the candidature;
    • Applications should be forwarded to the Chief Operating Officer (COO) in the following order through the Supervisor/Head of the Project, and Director of Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI).
    • After endorsement from the Director of the CRI, the application will be submitted to the COO’s office for final approval.


  • By accepting the assistantship you enter into an agreement you are obliged to honor. If it becomes necessary for you to leave this position during the course of the year please give the University at least one (1) month advance notice. Please be aware that you will forfeit your tuition and fees waiver and be liable for the full payment of tuition and fees;
  • You will be expected to operate within the University guidelines and follow University policy and practice at all times;
  • Assisting with research requires you to comply with all legal and ethical policies including those governing the use and care of animals, biosafety, and human subjects;
  • Failure to comply with work expectations could result in verbal counseling and repeated offenses could lead to termination.